High School
First Responder Teams


Does the HSFRT program offer scholarships?

The High School First Responder Team program does not have offer scholarships.  However we have compiled a list of scholarships that may be available to students in Alberta.

I need a Standard First Aid course, can I use my HSFRT training?

The High School First Responder Team training program is not offered to the public, it is internal to Alberta Health Services and the HSFRT program, as such it is not registered with the Government of Alberta.  The training you have completed exceeds what is typically taught in a Standard First Aid level course.  The HSFRT training is not recognized as a “workplace” First Aid course at this time and as such cannot be used for employment, it may be acceptable for entrance into an educational program at the discretion of the institution. For a comparison of programs and requirements please visit the Equivalency page.

If I change schools can I still be part of the HSFRT?

If you have successfully completed the High School First Responder Team training and you change schools you are still qualified to participate.  While qualified, the final decision will rest with the school you are attending.

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